Funerals of the Pagan kind

Funerals information from start to finish. The how to's, ideas, eco friendly alternatives and ceremonies for celebrating the end of your life's journey. Information for Pagan and pagan friendly people in Australia



Bio: Nicole is an experienced marriage and funeral celebrant, specialising in not only ceremonies of her own personal beliefs (paganism), but across a broad spectrum of different cultures and belief systems. Paganism is too much of an umbrella term to be able to define it in one simple explanation. There are 5 elements that make up fundamental life on earth - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. I am made up of all those things, and so is every thing around me, be it human, animal, plant and spiritual. I am not better nor more aware than anyone else, and quite probably, less aware than others 🙂 I want to inform people, not just pagan or eco-friendly, but all people, as to the choices we have when it comes to marriage, death and funerals.

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